Speciality License Plate Gift Certificate Program

The Department has authorized the issuance of specialty license plate gift certificates. The program allows anyone to purchase a specialty license plate as a gift for a motor vehicle registrant.

This gift certificate program works much like any gift certificate. Upon payment of the statutorily authorized annual use fee, a gift certificate may be purchased at any authorized motor vehicle office (e.g., state motor vehicle office, local tax collector office or license plate tag agency) for any of the specialty license plates currently available in Florida. At the time of purchase, a receipt will be provided, and a credit will be issued in the name of the gift recipient, which can then be redeemed by the recipient at the time the specialty license plate is purchased. Once gifted the plate holder will incur an additional charge of $27.00 that will be due each year on top of their yearly registration. The gift certificate does not have to be purchased and redeemed at the same office. The gift certificate is not required to be presented to redeem the credit, just proper identification (i.e. Florida driver’s license or ID card). Once the gift certificate is purchased, the money is given to the sponsoring plate entity as specified by Florida Statutes. Therefore, refunds are not available for gift certificates.

We believe that specialty license plates will make great gifts, and that this program will provide a great opportunity to promote the many causes and organizations represented by the specialty license plates. Remember that in Florida, most registrations are renewed on the birth date of the registrant, so these gift certificates can also be a great birthday gift.

Purchasing a Plate Voucher

To purchase a license plate voucher for someone else, click here.

All you need is their current license plate number. The voucher is attached to that and all they need to do is go to their tag agency to claim it.

If you currently have a 2-year registration (at least 13 months remaining until expiration), have a voucher that you would like to redeem or would like to personalize the license plate, please complete the form found here and a representative will contact you.

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