Grant Application

Autism Services Grants Council 2019 Grant Cycle
Request for Proposals for Children and/or Adult Services
(Submit by July 31, 2019)

About The Autism Services Grants Council (“ASGC”)
In 2009, the Florida Legislature authorized the “Support Autism Services” specialty license plate and provided for the creation of the Autism Services Grants Council to oversee a grants process to fund service programs for individuals with autism and related disabilities and their families throughout the state. The ASGC supports eligible non-profit programs throughout Florida with grant funds generated through the sale of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plates.

What will be considered? For this 2019 cycle, the ASGC will consider applications for grant funds to provide direct services to CHILDREN and/or ADULTS with autism and related disabilities.

What is not eligible? Grants funds may not be used to purchase: Vehicles, real property, building improvements, or for capital campaigns, endowments, lobbying, research, incurred debt, and program expenses incurred prior to grant approval.

Who is Eligible? Applicants must be not for profit entities having a current Internal Revenue Service designation as a 501(c)(3) exempt organization, and a current State of Florida Charitable Solicitation Registration number (or written evidence of statutory exemption from Florida registration requirements) and be providing services to individuals with autism and related disabilities in Florida.

How much are the Grants? Generally, grants will not exceed $6,500.

Are matching funds required? No. Matching funds are not required.

How long is the Grant For? Grant awards are for one year.

Can past grant recipients apply for another grant? Yes, but past recipients will not receive special consideration and will be evaluated on the merit of this year’s application as well as the success of the previous grant awarded to that grant recipient. Consideration will also be given to efforts made to assist in spreading the word about the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plate.

Where/How do I submit a proposal? Proposals should be submitted electronically, by filling out the form below. A reply acknowledging our receipt of the documents will be sent to you. If you do not receive a reply within three business days, please contact the ASGC (c/o Arc Broward) at 954-746-9400 to inquire.

What are the Application Submission Deadlines? Applications are due by July 31, 2019.

*Please review the entire application and have your documents necessary to complete the application prior to starting and filling out the form fields. Your work will not be saved.

Proposal Narrative

The following Proposal Narrative Pages require a written response to be uploaded with your application before submitting. You can upload at the bottom of this application. The narrative cannot exceed (4) pages and should include the following:

Brief History – Provide a summary history of the organization and its services, including all names used in the past and any current corporate affiliations. Answer the following question: Is your Agency a primary corporate entity, a subsidiary of or otherwise associated with any other agency, corporation, service provider, etc.? If the answer is YES, please provide an explanation of the relationships. The history of an organization should be brief and approximately one paragraph.

Agency Mission –What is your official Mission Statement?

Project Name – Please state the name of the proposed project.

Statement of Need – State the problem being addressed and share any information you may have supporting why the service need exists in the county(ies) proposed to be served.

Project Description – Briefly describe the Project or services to be provided.

Anticipated Impact; Expected Outcome(s) – (i) Describe what the project/services hope to accomplish and the anticipated impact on the community, persons served, the program etc. (ii) Provide details on how the agency and the ASGC will know at the end of the grant if the program/services have had a positive, neutral or negative effect on the individuals served. For Example: How Well Did We Do It?
How Much Did We Do? Is Anyone Better Off?

Amount Requested/Total Project Cost – State the amount requested from the ASGC, and the total cost of the project/services. Summarize how the other sources of funding will provide for success of the project and how the portion requested of the ASGC meets a gap in what is available.

Disclosure– In the interest of transparency, a grant applicant should disclose any known relationship with members of the ASGC or their family members.

Budget Page – Provide a line item budget for the total project, including items to be provided by other funding sources or in-kind items. The budget must account for all funds requested from the ASGC. If awarded the grant, the budget outline must be strictly followed unless adjustments are approved in writing by the ASGC prior to incurring the expense. For Example:

Autism License Plate Marketing Section

The funds available through this grants process are generated through the sale of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plates.

The more we are able to get the word out about the Florida autism license plate the more funds will be generated and available for services and the more awareness is generated. The following provisions and requirements are related to these efforts.

Funder Recognition
The Recipient of ASGC funds shall actively publicize and support the work of the ASGC through name and logo inclusion on all funded program materials, client and parent information and forms, banner displays and recognition in Annual Reports, newsletters and other forms of agency and/or program promotion. Recipient staff working in ASGC-funded programs shall be made aware of ASGC support through agency orientation sessions, staff meetings, and other employee communication strategies. Recipients of ASGC funds will also receive a “Press Kit” with templates for press releases, face book and twitter postings as well as other marketing materials which they will agree to use in the promotion of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plate and the ASGC. Evidence of these efforts may be a factor in future ASGC funding recommendations.

Grant Proposal to the Autism Services Grants Council

If yes, attach an explanation page.

Proposal Narrative Pages

Please upload your Proposal Narrative Pages (no longer than four pages) as a pdf document:

Supplemental Materials Required

Please upload the following in separate pdf documents: